An Interesting Idea that I Heard About

Extending human lifespans indefinitely would be cruel since at some time, many can mentally break.



Chip chip

White flakes fly off and disappear

from the block of marble set in front.

Not marble


As it shines slightly from within.

Doesn’t matter what it is;

just matters that its off the block and used

to please

to pleasure

not to build.

Might crack whatever’s inside;

hope it’s edible.


  1. Visible Actions, Continuity, “Plotline”
  2. Symbols, Concepts within Observations, Created Ideas *1st Abstraction
  3. Pure Ideas, Abstract Concepts, Patterns (Mostly) *2nd Abstraction
  4. Observations about Observations *3rd Abstraction
  5. Holistic Ideas *4th Abstraction (Have Not Reached Yet)
  6. ???
  7. Truth(?) *nth Abstraction